My Network

Below is the progression of my personal network. Starting with BROKENIMAGE where I was looking to put a name to my work. Then I developed BROKENIMAGE Creative where I was looking to attract larger clients and now run an IOS application JDM Maps on the side.


Created in 2012 after a trip to Japan with friends, it was a way to put a name to my personal photos and videos that were circulating the internet.


This is how I commercialised BROKENIMAGE to attract clients and large business. A full-service marketing and advertising agency based in Hobart, Tasmania. We specialise in content creation, photography, videography, graphic design, website development and more.

JDM Maps

Combining my passion for cars and Japan, JDM Maps is a recently acquired business I saw potential in. It is an IOS application containing over 400 points of interest in a map, from Upgarages, to all your favourite tuning shops and some you would never have heard of, true Japanese gems.